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About the Podcast

Kara and Laura met, as many women in their 30's do, through their children.  Their mutual love for pop culture, and for their children, blossomed into an idea for the podcast, where they could use their skills as a voice actor and play therapist to provide guidance to parents regarding the content that is available to children.


Should They Watch It? combines humor, parenting advice, and fun facts to create a space for parents to decide if something is worth the watch, while also having a little fun!  


Kara Edwards

Kara Edwards is a professional voice actor, jewelry maker, wife, mom, and stepmom. You’ve heard her on shows like DragonBall Z and My Hero Academia, games like Borderlands and FighterZ, and as the voice for hundreds of commercials throughout her career. Kara is excited to now add “Podcaster” to the list!

Laura Orr

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Laura Orr is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist with over ten years of experience.  Laura has two children and enjoys cooking, working out, and playing board games.

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