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City of Ghosts is One-of-a-Kind

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


Follow Zelda and her friends as they interview the friendly ghosts who once inhabited the large and bustling city of Los Angeles, CA. Through these spirits, the audience gets a rich history of this legendary city while also learning about preservation, legacy, and much more.

Something that sticks out about this show is that it interviews real LA residents, so the voices are very conversational and natural.

Show Stats

This show has one season so far. Each episode is around 20 minutes long and you can find it on Netflix.

Is it fluffy or educational?

Educational. City of Ghosts takes a unique approach to discussing history that is engaging for viewers. It also sends a message that goes deeper that merely giving viewers textbook-style information. It brings up the topics of why knowing about history is so important and invites the audience to see the people behind the history.

Who is the audience?

Because of the pace of the show and because of the light reading required for viewing, the hosts agree that 6-12 is the appropriate audience. The style of the show is alternative, which could grab the attention of tweens. Because of the style and content, adults and parents could also enjoy watching this.

What will kids like about it?

Visually, this show is very different from what’s out there today. It has been described as having the aesthetic of a pop-up book because it combines real imagery with art, giving it a 3D appearance.

If your children enjoy the calm vibes of Mr. Rogers, they’ll love this show, as it works at a much slower pace than many shows on our screens today.

Residents of LA will enjoy learning about the history of their city through the mouths of creatively drawn ghosts.

Will parents like it?

The combination of maturity and playfulness in City of Ghosts will keep parents entertained. The show also provides depth, offering up ideas for parents to ponder while simultaneously sailing over the heads of their children.

Potentially problematic

Though the ghosts are peaceful, playful, and conversational, if your children are especially afraid of ghosts, you might want to check out the show before you let them watch.

Final Verdict

The hosts are a unanimous yes and think you and your children should definitely watch City of Ghosts.

Wheels off moments

Laura and Kara share their own personal ghost stories and discuss whose ghost was creepier. Laura is more of the opinion that all ghosts are creepy, while Kara believes that they deserve a chance before pulling out the sage.

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