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Crocodile Dundee Provides a Laundry List of Problems

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

This week the ladies review a movie for the older kids in the 1986 worldwide phenomenon Crocodile Dundee. It’s part Australian Outback adventure/ part love story and from our perspective…completely outdated.

It was a movie for its time, having been nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay and seeing Paul Hogan win a Golden Globe for best actor. The movie was based on the real life adventures of Rod Ansell, who may have had a wilder origin story than Crocodile Dundee. The ladies discuss his story of being shipwrecked on an island at 15 years of age with his two dogs. He and his dogs survived for two years on cattle blood and bees that he lassoed and tracked to their hives for honey. True story or tall tale? We’ll never know. Ansell would ultimately be killed in a police shootout. Seriously.

Target audience

Rated PG-13. The movie had mass appeal in the 1980s and was at one point the highest grossing movie of all time. Kids under 13 watched then and kids at heart still watch now. Given sweeping societal changes two generations later, the ladies believe watching it with today’s kids would be a mistake.

The Good

Croc is kind to animals. There are pretty shots of the outback. There is plenty of uh…chemistry between Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski in this one. Just follow their eyes in this scene for proof. They would later get married and stay married for 24 years, which is solid by Hollywood standards.

Potentially Problematic

Lots: Prostitution. Racism. Cocaine. Drunk Driving. Fighting and eyeballing or “Overly punchy, crazy-fisting and weirdly horny” as the ladies put it. Lots of buttcheeks.

Should They Watch It

Kara: Bigger no than Ace Ventura.

Laura: No. It didn’t age well

Side Conversation

Kara has a sultry Jessica Rabbit voice, due to a recent cold. Laura’s daughter’s school playground was raided by coyotes.

Kids need at least 60-90 minutes of physical activity and a recent study found they aren’t getting it in 74% of childcare programs. Less active kids means a higher likelihood of poor physical fitness and coordination, poor cognitive development and obesity. Childcare providers and parents need to find ways to keep kids active.

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