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Is It Safe to Take Kids to the Movies? Enjoying the Theater During a Pandemic.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Summer is practically here and so are the blockbuster movie releases. And, if you're a parent who can't decide whether or not it's safe to take their kids, you're not alone.

So when is the right time to go see the latest Jurassic World? And what about seeing the last few shows for Doctor Strange with your daughter or son?

The answer is it's possible to make moviegoing a safer experience for you and your kids — depending on your willingness to be more exposed — and, of course, the environment you are going to put your family in.

Going to the cinema carries risks, but you have opportunities to reduce that risk. So what can you do to make sure you should do everything you can to limit your and your children’s exposure?

The CDC has deemed fully vaccinated folks to be the safest ones to go to an indoor activity like going to the movies. Doctors and specialists in infectious diseases have all agreed that social distancing (like avoiding queues and a compact crowd) is always a good and safe choice when seeing a movie in an indoor cinema.

N95 masks are also the preferred choice over cloth or surgical masks when you have to sit through a 3-hour long film with a bunch of people.

If it’s an option, choosing an outdoor cinema to watch with your kids is the ideal choice as being infected is significantly reduced when you are outdoors. You will also want to check the policies and safety plans that these cinemas take to help you make an informed decision on which venue will be the safest space for you and your kids to enjoy your summer movies.

Circumstances are different and these have all changed the way we decide not just which movie to pick but how we can do it safely. Should you take the opportunity to go see a movie with your kids, wherever that is, it’s always a safe choice to take precautions. That way, you can enjoy watching movies this summer and also have a little peace of mind that you’ve done every thing you can to protect your little ones and yourself.

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