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Is Gabby's Dollhouse Selling Us Something?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

This week Kara and Laura are in the studio to review the hit children’s television show Gabby’s Dollhouse.


On one hand, Gabby’s Dollhouse could be described as an innocent kids show featuring cute cats, quirky crafts and colorful magic! On the other hand, perhaps this poor child is locked in a bedroom for four years who only escapes when she’s sucked into a cartoon world?? Where are her parents!?

And what is the purpose of the show in the first place? Laura has her suspicions, and it's to sell TOYS. If you think this is the first time a show was created to sell you toys, you'd be wrong.

Our Thoughts

The show reminds Laura and Kara of Blue’s Clues in that the characters interact with the audience by asking questions and through meaningful pauses. It is appropriate for audiences from preschool to lower elementary school.

Gabby’s solitary living situation reminds Kara and Laura of the disturbing late 80’s drama Flowers in the Attic where a family of young children are locked in an attic for a stretch. Kara may have read this book when she was in middle school and Laura definitely read the Dollanganger Children series. Maybe in future series Gabby can get a door, bathroom or some siblings?

We also have a feline problem. Cats won't paint your nails, clothe you or bake you cupcakes. Mamas, don’t let your kids dress your cats or they’re gonna get scratched.

We can appreciate the idea of a girl with an imagination but at some point somebody’s gonna call CYS about this situation.

Laura can’t help but feel as if she’s sitting through a toy commercial during each episode. Having recently watched The Orange Years, about Nickelodeon choosing its programs to sell toys to kids in the early 90s, Laura senses a setup.

Kara points out that there is a Gabby’s Dollhouse sitting inside her son’s bedroom right now stuffed with a yoyo, hot wheel, fidget spinner, $3 and some other junk.

In the end, Should They Watch It is REALLY about whether children should watch the shows. Michael, Remy and Daphne were very engaged by the show. They followed along with the problem solving and they like the character.

Should they watch it?

Kara: Yes

Laura: No

We still think you should watch Ada Twist, Scientist instead.

Side Conversations

If Laura had a dollhouse, it would be made of cheese. One room for fondue, a holey one for swiss, brie, queso, and a fancy charcuterie room. There would even be a cheesy bellboy to take your bags at the door.

Kara took her son and a friend to a meet and greet with Last Kids on Earth author Max Brallier. She recaps the time that she and her mother met comedy legend Carrot Top. Laura met acting great Ron Perlman while he was wrapping up Sons of Anarchy and made him smile with a couple jokes.

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