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Larva is Loved by Many, Unfortunately

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

“Larva would have been a better fit for Adult Swim- where the mushroom eaters go to watch their shows”

The ladies are back in the studio to review the children’s show Larva, based on the adventures of two gassy gutter-dwelling…you guessed it…larva! Each season takes place in a different location, with season 4 leaving us on Larva Island. Based on the show’s popularity, we can only guess where they will end up next, but Laura puts her money on Larva in Space.

Will adults like it?

Laura is particularly annoyed with the show and sends Kara into fits of laughter with her stank face. The amount of fart humor (minus the humor) is too much to bear, which is surprising given her love for hyuck hyuck comedies like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. The scenes are short, but there are tons, which provides one exasperating scenario after another. The only redeeming skits, in Laura’s opinion, are the parodies of other movies. If you want to know what she means, check out Larva’s take on Frozen’s Let It Go.

What about the kids?

Like a moth to a flame, if you give children fart jokes, they will have your loyalty. And Larva capitalizes on gag jokes…literally. Get ready for boogers, gas, and saliva…so much saliva.

If your kids like gross, Oh Yuck is still our top pick, because it has some educational value. Go here for the link to that episode.


Kara: Nah

Laura: Adamant No

Side Conversation

Daniel Radcliffe will be playing Weird Al Yankovic in an upcoming biopic. Kara describes her experience spending an afternoon with Weird Al when she was a 20 year old host at Radio Disney. She says he was a total gentleman who even allowed her to pull on his hair to prove it wasn’t a wig. He’s one of her favorite people in the world. During her experience at Radio Disney, she met a variety of stars, including Joey Fatone (more handsome than expected), Dolly Parton (sweet and charismatic) and Clint Black (he ok’d her using one of his songs for her wedding dance). The most memorable was the flamboyant and wildly energetic exercise superstar Richard Simmons, who jumped off the elevator and gave Kara a full body hug. Laura proposes a few sources of his incredible child-like energy.

Tune in next week for Making Fun, where the ladies hope to break their streak of disappointments.

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