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Maya and the Three is a Unanamous YES

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

We are so excited to welcome back voice and television actress Brina Palencia, who had joined us for our Cocomelon episode. As is tradition, our guests recommend their favorite show and Brina brought us a GEM in Maya and the Three.


Maya and the Three is a one season Netflix series of nine 30 minute episodes. Appropriate for Y7.

This animated mesoamerican fantasy-adventure show features fifteen year old warrior princess Maya embarking on a journey to save humanity from some furious underworld gods.

The Positives

Being part Honduran herself, Brina felt excited to see a show that broke away from the Aztec savage warrior trope. This, in addition to the beautiful writing, made for a very emotional viewing for her and the other ladies.

Even the gods in the show see character development, rather than black and white “good vs evil” treatment from show writers.

The trope phrase “you insolent fools” was used. The ladies intend to start using it and another movie classic, “you deliberately disobeyed me” with their children more often.

The moon looks like Jack Skellington. We think it’s intentional. In fact, there are lots of skulls and it makes us happy.

The show is visually stunning and has unique sound design, including great music. Brina loved the metal and ranchera music.

Chimi is played by Stephanie Beatriz, who was Mirabel in Encanto.

All three women have found themselves scrolling their phones while watching shows in the past, and this show was an exception. It had their favorite ending of any show ever. No spoilers.

Potentially Problematic

Younger children might not be able to follow along with the complex storylines.

Infidelity. Revenge. Death themes. Violence with injury.

We still found the show to be fitting of the Y7 tag.

Should They Watch It?

Brina: Solid yes

Kara: Absolute yes

Laura: yes

The adults loved it. And the kids did too. We think you and yours will feel the same way!

Follow Brina Palencia on Twitter or check her out on Instagram here.

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