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Netflix's New Show, Making Fun, is a Mixed Bag

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

“Hulk Mom and the Angst Cocoon”

This week, Laura and Kara review Making Fun, a new grown-up-friendly children’s show about 4 adult buddies who engineer kid’s ideas into real life creations. The first season features ideas that could only come from a child’s mind such as the Unicornicyle, Dino Taco Toilet and the Catapoop.

Showing up with wildly different levels of energy for this episode (we’ll get to that later), the ladies are split on this show.

It’s a hit with Kara and her family. Given her appreciation for all things handy, Kara loves the building aspect of the show. With her background in television and voice acting, she can pick out a camera-ready crew when she sees one and these guys fit the bill! Her husband also digs the show and really wants to hang out with these guys, with Canadian Pat as a definitive family favorite. The show got Kara’s son Michael’s creative juices flowing and he’s begging for a catapult that shoots snakes from the forest INTO the house. BRING ME THE SNAKES.

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As open-minded as Laura is, she just can’t with this one. The specific brand of humor doesn’t line up with her and it doesn’t help that there is no theme song. Her daughter is more interested in the finished product rather than the process of building, which is another strike. However, her daughter did come away wanting a swing set that flies around the backyard. Laura does give the show credit for the ideas being so bonkers and appreciates that the finished products all stay on Jimmy’s property post-completion. She doesn’t want to rain on Kara’s parade, but she’s out on Making Fun.

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Potential issues:

There’s some mild cursing, a pot joke and light sexual innuendo that, although will go right over the heads of most kids, is worth noting. There’s mutual teasing between the adults and Jimmy Diresta has a grumpy old man schtick, which involves playfully calling the kids names along the lines of “half-pints” or dismissing some of their ideas. Some parents may not be comfortable with this.


KARA: Yes, it’s fun for the whole family

LAURA: Whatever

Are you #teamlaura or #teamkara on this one?

Side conversations:

Laura and Kara come into the studio with polar opposite mentalities. Laura comes in with a life hangover, curled up inside an angst cocoon. She wants water, tv, greasy food and a nap to recover from a week of illness and her youngest that doesn’t know to behave during date nights yet.

Kara is in Hulk Mom mode, energized and ready to blow things up. She tells a story about the time that she almost went full She-Devil after threatening to burn her son’s school down to get a teacher fired for pulling him around by the ear.

Laura explains how she gamifies her life to make things more exciting and to make tough decisions easier and introduces the wheel decide site to Kara. See if you can figure out the play on words that Laura did not initially catch.

Tune in next week as we review another kid’s show Team Umizoomi and let us know if you’re #teamkara or #teamlaura for Making Fun.

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