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Our Review of Creature Cases Has Us Excited about Nature

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


This week, Laura and Kara are in the studio to review the brand-new Netflix children’s show The Creature Cases. This animated series follows two detectives, Sam Snow and Kit Casey, as they solve mysteries and provide plenty of animal education along the way. The 30-minute episodes target the 4–8-year-old set with an ideal blend of adventure and useful facts.


Kara’s dog Koda forces his way onto the scene and makes himself a real-life animal guest host bumpin’ mics, biting earrings, and wiggling and shaking his butt all over the studio.

The Creature Cases theme song is all instrumental, leaving the ladies without an opportunity to lead the show off in song today. Sorry!

Kara and Laura love this one, and so do their kids. It strikes them as a Carmen Sandiego, Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers and Octonauts mashup. In fact, this one came from the creators of Octonauts, which will be an upcoming review. Check out our recent Carmen Sandiego episode here to find out what we thought of it. Chip n Dale is getting the reboot treatment on May 20, 2022 with a cast lead by Andy Samberg, John Mulaney and Will Arnett.

They love the educational elements and visits to real life areas. The snappy and engaging storylines make the 30 minutes go by quickly. They also loved that empathy was a common theme in some episodes, particularly as applied to animals and the environment. The more children are exposed to the idea of respect for the planet at an early age, the better. One episode about teamwork and conflict resolution brings Laura back to her experience as a therapist when she’d have similar discussions with her clients.

Did you know:

-Rhinos rub their noses to say hello?

-There is one animal called a Deer Mouse (not to be mistaken for a Dormouse) and another animal called a Mouse Deer. The mouse deer is the smallest hooved animal on Earth. And it’s cute. Look how freakin’ cute this thing is. Just look at it.

The princess, naked mole rat, rhino rage and tiki bar trips were among the ladies' favorite plot lines.


They downplayed some of the venomous animals a bit. Gila monsters and snakes can be very dangerous for children. Both Kara and Laura’s children could have the occasion to run into venomous animals, given that they live in Texas, and they’d have preferred a bit more focus on the dangers of some of these animals.

Otherwise, no additional issues!


Kara: Yes

Laura: Yes


Tiny Laura has entered the chat

Bocce is back and Kara has been holding back a story about what Laura’s daughter Daphne did while Laura was away for the week. When one kid stole a ball from Kara’s son Michael, Daphne went to work. She comforted Michael in the same way Kara has seen Laura do with upset friends in the past. However, shortly thereafter, she pointed out that Kara does not hold her wine glass like mommy does. Oh boy. Here’s one traditional way to hold a wine glass.

Adults watch tv too

Real World Homecoming, which brings the Real World New Orleans cast back together after 22 years has Laura completely entranced. Laura is also watching The Sex Lives of College Girls and Russian Doll.

Kara’s taste in shows is wildly different from Laura’s, as she is just finishing the John Wayne Gacy Tapes and Ozark.

We’re excited for Heather Tune to join us next week. She’s a co-host of the I Cant Mom Today podcast. I can’t Mom Today was created by moms to support moms and we can’t wait to have her on!

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