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Review: Super Pupz Leaves Hosts in a Giddy Daze

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

“Theres no time for lollygaggin so lets get crackalackin”

From the creators of Airbud, comes a live-action series about four super-powered dogs that team with kids and an alien to save the world (we think that’s the goal? We are confused!). Silly special effects and plot holes galore charm the ladies.

Today’s guest: We’re excited to welcome Heather Tune, co-host of the I Can’t Mom Today Podcast and mother of four-year-old Baker. I Can’t Mom Today is a podcast for moms, with a focus on first time moms. Listen here, check them out on instagram or join their facebook group to learn more! SuperpupZ was her recommendation and it didn’t disappoint. Next time she’s in, we’re looking at a group re-watch, and may even check out her favorite childhood movie of The Last Unicorn.

Positives Emphasis on teamwork. Discusses the mind-body connection related to depression and anxiety. Highlights challenges of owning a puppy, allowing for conversation with kids about responsibility in pet ownership. Uses storytelling to discuss concepts of aging. Mild educational value related to science

Target audience 3-7 Some kids could be confused by the timeline if they can’t read.

Highlights The special effects are outrageously bad and there are plot holes galore. The top two:

The alien never uses its superpowers to make all of the problems go away. Despite extensive lab testing (that nobody pays for) the dogs’ chips are never tested and no attempts are made to find their owners.

At one point, the bad guy Rocco falls into a tub of fish guts and presumably to limit budget (or smell), he spends the rest of the episode with glitter on his costume.

If you enjoy off the wall shows with odd choices everywhere, this one’s for you.

Potentially Problematic The older brother abandons his baby sister repeatedly. There is some inappropriate behavior by children towards their caregivers. There is some dangerous and reckless behavior including entering burning buildings. Some gross-out humor. The adult characters are wildly incompetent.

Should They Watch It? Kara: No. COULD they watch it? Absolutely. Laura: No. COULD they watch it? Yep.

Heather: Yes

Remember to check out I Can’t Mom Today and if you enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe and leave a review on your favorite platform. Follow us on Instagram!

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