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Sea of Love has Potential but Isn't There Yet

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Netflix’s brand new Sea of Love is a colorful new animated series about a group of adventurous sea friends. The show is geared towards toddlers, but your early elementary-aged kiddos might enjoy it as well.

The Positives

Netflix is embracing diversity among their creative collaborations, as Sea of Love is the first Thai pre-school animated series created by two Thai moms.

Teamwork and friendship are at the forefront of this show, making these characters positive role models for young children. The show teaches important messages, like how to give your friends space or “alone time” when they ask for it.

Bruda the Whale likes to cook, which invites children to become curious about the food on their plates.

Fluffy or Educational?

The show strives to be Educational-ish, but there’s room to strengthen these goals. Because of the pace of the show, we got a bit of a PBS vibe.

Potentially Problematic

There’s a couple instances of lying from the kids, but it is eventually resolved at the end of the show.

The accents on some ‌animals could affect your child’s speech if they are in the very early stages of speaking or have a speech delay (think Peppa Pig).

The teachers and parents never seem to get upset, even in moments when you’d expect them to.

Will parents like it?

Laura: No

Kara: With some yoga, perhaps

Should They Watch It?

Kara: Yes

Laura: Meh…it won’t hurt, but there are better shows out there.

Side Conversations

After “mining” for “gold” on a recent vacation, Kara’s son Michael has is hungry for riches, making for an interesting birthday wishlist. With the cost of gold being outrageous, Kara buys him a faux gold bar. The hosts then scheme over other potential gifts Michael, including faux jewelry, faux fur and who knows what else.

Laura and Kara discuss the Emmy-winning drama (not-for-kids) Euphoria, and they both love it. They discuss the show’s depiction of family trauma and addiction, which struck a chord with viewers as being very relatable, though scary to imagine for parents of young children. Who else out there is watching this?

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