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Stranger Things is a YES for Adults, but What About Kids?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

This week, the hosts discuss the widely popular 80’s supernatural show Stranger Things aka (our preferred title) Spooky Goonies. The hosts could help but gush over this show as they reminisce over the past episodes and provide un-spoilered details of the most recent season.


If you haven’t seen Spooky Goonies by now, then you’re missing out on America’s favorite horror/sci-fi adventure show. Netflix’s flagship show just released its fourth season and it’s a doozy.

Psychokinetic telepath (be sure not to read that as telekinetic psychopath because there are those too) Eleven and her three buddies repeatedly save the small town of Hawkins, Indiana from various alien life forms.

The show is an excellent example of weaving riveting storytelling with detailed character development, deeply exploring many of its side characters as well.

Target Audience

TV14. It is one of the most popular shows as of late, so it’s hitting with all demos.

The Positives

The show highlights the long-gone 80s phenomenon of outdoor and unsupervised play mixed with the growing realization of the vulnerability of unaccompanied children. With cases of child abductions making their way onto the news, (see the Jacob Wetterling case ), parents, communities, and even Hollywood, began pointing fingers at what they believed were the cause of such horrific murders. Thus, the birth of the “Satanic Panic"began. This mass hysteria provided a backdrop for the plot of this show, welcoming newcomer Joseph Quinn to the cast as the beloved and wrongly accused Eddie Munson.

Speaking of actors, the casting for this show is flawless. From the regulars, to the newcomers, to the one and done cameos (Toby from This is Us makes a crossover appearance as Benny Hammond.)

Strong friendships make for messages of loyalty through the many challenges of puberty.

Robert Englund (the original Freddie Kruger) shows up in the cast as a super creepy character.

Great 80s music! TikTok has been relentless over its love for Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill and we have Max to thank for it.

Potentially Problematic

Not problematic, but the girls couldn’t help but notice yet another show where the government builds a laboratory ¾ of a mile from a bustling town without anyone noticing. Reminds us of Superpupz. Check out our review of that episode here.

The show scared the hell out of Kara’s son (specifically the demodogs) and it might scare yours too.

Lot of graphic death and injury.

Drug use.


Some teenage sexuality, which varies by the season. The hosts get distracted by discussing a particular scene with Billy.

The costume choices are too much for Laura.

Should They Watch It

Kara: No, and nothing has hurt her worse to say this.

Laura: Yes to teens and tweens.

Side Conversation

One of Kara’s son’s friends came over and played with the $200 Gabby’s Dollhouse toy that had been gathering dust in her son’s room. She’s still riding that high.

Laura is bummed because Raising Dion and Babysitter’s Club were both cancelled as both were great representations of the tween age group. Check out our blog on this same topic for some more detailed analysis on this topic.

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