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Team Umizoomi is Still Here for the Teaching

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

“A watch that’s as easy as pi”


Today, the ladies are in the studio to review the math kid's show Team Umizoomi. The show features two tiny children and a robot who solve math problems around their home in Umi City. An educational program geared toward a younger audience, the show teaches counting, shapes, patterns, and measurements. It's widely available on streaming apps, including Paramount Plus, Amazon, and the Roku channel.


Kara hasn't been this unfocused since Puffin Rock, but she can appreciate that there's an audience for a math kid's show like this one. She's not big on math in the first place, although her son is, and therefore was super engaged despite it being a little young for him. Kara couldn't help but compare it to the faster-paced Number Blocks. If she were going to make a recommendation between the two, she'd pick the Blocks. It did stand out to Kara that Donovan Patton of Blue's Clues fame is one of the leading voice actors, and she is a fan!

Laura appreciated the amount of applied math in this one and the show's focus on teamwork, problem-solving, and perseverance. She also peppered this podcast with math dad jokes (or mom jokes…can we make that a thing?) She found watching this one as easy as pi. If you're looking for a real treat, you can find Laura singing the ever-so- catchy Umizoomi theme song a Capella at 20:25. Feel free to borrow these and use them with your family. That was three food references in a row, and we must be hungry!




Kara: Eh, it's fine. This one is for the kids.



Today the conversation turned to an article about unconventional celebrity parenting. Kourtney Kardashian ditched her microwave, based on the theory that it removes nutrients from the food and creates toxins. Kara and Laura aren't sure of the science here, but they know that nutrient-rich soil makes nutrient-rich food, so Kara is a big advocate for backyard gardening.

Alicia Silverstone potty trained her son at six months old using the concept of elimination communication. She also baby bird fed her son. The ladies are conflicted over the legitimacy of the potty training of a baby at this age and find the baby bird regurgitation odd.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher limit Christmas gifts to their children, and other celebrities restrict their children's television to foreign languages to encourage them to become multilingual.

Kara's reptile-obsessed son found a rough earthsnake in a pile of leaves. These things grow up to 7-10 inches and eat earthworms. Future herpetologist Michael picked it up and insisted on keeping it, while Kara is more interested in a catch and release scenario. There is a line of aquariums down his dresser now. Further updates as this situation develops.

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