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  • Laura Orr

The New Cinderella is a Goofball Comedy, and We Think it Works


This version of the classic fairytale, Cinderella, is a very different take on the many remakes we have seen before. It follows Cinderella as she aspires to own her own business as a fashion designer while dodging the interference of her stepfamily and social status. This, in combination with her budding romance with Prince Robert, makes for a challenging juggling act as our heroine struggles to balance her budding career with her love life, all while flying under the radar from her saboteurs. A cameo from Billy Porter as the Fabulous Godmother nails it home that this movie wants to stand out and flip the script about the lessons we have learned from Cinderella predecessors.

Show Stats

Cinderella is an hour and 45 minutes and free to stream on Amazon Prime.

Is it fluffy or educational

Total MTV music video fluff. They did attempt to make the plot more modernized so as to challenge the damsel-in-distress tropes, which worked in some ways and were missed in others.

Who is the audience?

The stars, jokes, and whole vibe leave the hosts thinking that this would be best suited for tweens and teens.

What will kids like about it?

The concept is modernized, with a voice that appeals to today’s young audience. Challenging traditional ideologies by creating a heroine who has depth and ambition for herself that may or may not include marriage is something that older kids will appreciate as they begin to envision their own future.

Will parents like it?

As a matter of taste, parents might find themselves cringing during the musical numbers, which borrows from past pop hits ranging from What a Man by En Vogue to Somebody to Love by Queen. Or you might love it! If parents enjoy the idea of a more progressive version of Disney classics set to a landscape that is directly built for a young audience, then we think it would be a fun watch for adults as well.

The good

This is a fun movie with a lot of attention paid to small details in order to create a laugh-a-minute experience for viewers. Whether the jokes land, depends on whether you like goofy comedies…and Camila Cabello.

Inspires youth to challenge convention in honor of what they truly want for themselves in order to lead a life that is uniquely fulfilling.

Replaces the purely evil villain with a complex character who’s motives are more nuanced, which allows viewers the opportunity to consider that maladaptive behavior is usually in response to an accumulation of adverse personal experiences. While this doesn’t excuse abusive actions, it opens the doors to broader conversations about how society treats dysfunctional behavior.

Potentially problematic

Misogyny is still visible in this story despite their efforts to enrich Cinderella’s character as someone who is more than an abused housekeeper who needs her prince to save her. But while Cinderella does have dreams of independence, her dreams are not realized without the help of her Prince. The prince’s sister also gets a raw deal, and only gets her redemption because her male brother doesn’t want it.

Final Verdict

Because this movie is a free download, Kara thinks it’s worth the watch. But she doesn’t think it’s worth the money. Laura, on the other hand, would be willing to re-watch AND pay for this one.

Wheels off moments

This week, the hosts go virtual, as Laura battles a mysterious illness that keeps her at home.

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