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Tweens Rejoice! Trollhunters Still (Mostly) Holds Up!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia. Available on netflix ages 8+


This Guillermo Del Toro produced animated fantasy series follows a teenage boy, Jim, and his friends as they explore a mysterious realm of trolls and other fantastical creatures. Ultimately, the teens are tasked with protecting the world while also maintaining their personal lives as high schoolers.

The Positives

We love Kelsey Grammer! His contribution to the show creates an engaging experience for us as viewers. And while we are at it, the troll characters in general are so well thought out. From their fun names to their backstories, we have found ourselves engaged and emotionally invested in the well-being of these mystical beings.

The show is very plot-heavy, so be prepared to put your phones down or else you will miss important details that are sometimes shown in blink-and-you-miss-it moments. For us parents, this is an exciting shift from many kid’s shows available right now that are fun for kids, but mind numbing for their caregivers.

Kids will connect with the valuable messages of personal growth, loyalty, honor, and the pressures of being a teen. If your teen will sit through a cartoon series, this is one they will really enjoy as it blends fantastical worlds of adventure with the stressors of being bogged down by adolescence.

Potentially Problematic

Toby, Tobias, you have been done dirty, my friend. While we enjoy watching you find your inner hero, we can’t help but cringe at the tropes they write for your character. Also, enough with the fat jokes!

The villains might be too scary for younger kids.

The language is…colorful at times…and by colorful we mean violent.

The bully calls the main character a “Buttsnack,” which almost sounds flirtatious to us? We’re not 100% sure.

Will parents like it?


Should They Watch It?

Both: Yes

Side Conversations

Kara has changed her opinion on Stranger Things and now agrees that it’s a fit for older tweens (and up) because of the cast as role models and themes of teamwork and heroism.

Both ladies have fallen in love with Eddie Munson along with the rest of the world. The hosts discuss a recent event at a Comic-Con where Joseph Quinn becomes overwhelmed by his newfound fandom and even brakes down in tears out of appreciation. They love Max’s character development, and Laura points out the symbolism used through the revived hit Running Up That Hill to represent Max’s grief journey.

The girls fawn over the genius of Guillermo Del Toro, but would he be a better dinner guest or a better partner during a game of Pictionary? Discussion ensues.

If you enjoyed this podcast, give us a five star review on your favorite platform and check us out on Instagram. Thanks for checking out Should They Watch It!

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