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Yes, we are Still Talking About Blue's Clues

Where were you when Steve addressed the nation? Last year, the world was awash in nostalgic emotion as Steve from Blue’s Clue’s posted a video in honor of the show’s 25th anniversary. As he looked each of us directly in the eye, he gave us the pep talk we didn’t know we needed during a time of pandemic uncertainty and social/political/existential/environmental/etc upheaval. It’s all social media could talk about, and it was the episode where the hosts truly spoke from the heart as they recalled how much the show has meant to them. During this episode, the ladies talk about each different version of Blue’s Clues, their favorite things about the franchise, and give a ton of fun facts!


Blue’s Clues follows a dog named Blue as she leads her owner on mysterious adventure, leaving clues along the way for him to figure out how she wants to spend her day. The show is geared towards children aged 3-6 and can be streamed on most streaming platforms, or you can watch it on its regular rotation on Nickelodeon.

Is it fluffy or educational?

Educational…and groundbreakingly so! This show premiered during a time where educational TV was only seen on PBS, with shows like Sesame Street cornering the market. Blue’s Clue’s took a note from Sesame Street by collaborating with developmental psychologists and using children’s feedback to tailor the material to their preferences, but it was unique in that the host spoke directly to the audience, something that Sesame Street later adopted.

What will kids like about it?

The hosts are playful, sweet, and encouraging. Children will enjoy solving the mystery of what Blue wants to do that day with fun characters as their companions.

Will parents like it?

The show is especially made for children, so unless you watch for nostalgia, the show might feel a little boring for you.

The good

· Emphasis on problem solving.

· Encourages mastery through repetition.

· Sweet, calm atmosphere.

· One study found that regular viewers of Blue's Clues displayed increased learning comprehension over non viewers.

· Another study from Vanderbilt University suggested that the show's participatory format increased social interaction with children, while others have shown that watching Blue's Clues enhances children’s vocabulary.

The problematic

The pace is gradual, which might feel slow or boring to some audiences. Overall, it was hard for the hosts to find anything problematic for this show. The care that they put into the content provided to children is darn near perfect.

Final Verdict

Kara and Laura are both a unanimous yes!

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